Amir S. Salehi's formative years could be described as eclectic and transient. As the result of war and other circumstances, Amir grew up in several different countries where his exposure to a wide gamut of socio-economic groups would deeply imprint him both as an actor and an individual. As bombs fell around him and his mother, Amir sought refuge in the magic of cinema. He fell in love with film’s ability to inspire and educate even as it transported you away to another world. Amir endeavored to become a part of that movie magic and today he is active both in front and behind the camera as an actor and producer.

Like his childhood, Amir’s education was varied and well-rounded. He graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Biology along with a heavy emphasis on theatre electives. He later moved to Ohio where he obtained his Juris Doctorate in Law. Amir now divides his time between his successful entertainment law firm in Brentwood and the pursuit of his acting career.  

Amir has studied with Janet Alhanti, Eric Morris and Kevin Will. He has also appeared on The E-Ring, Mind of Mencia, and starred in the acclaimed play Friends & Enemies.  

The time spent abroad as a child left Amir with an indelible love for travel, wanting to see all the beautiful people, cultures and landscapes the world has to offer. He is grateful for the experiences of his youth and believes very strongly in the importance of a healthy childhood. To that end, Amir has been an active volunteer with the Free Arts for Abused Children Organization since 2002.